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Quick Facts

About the Project:

Lisa Concept
LISA mission concept.
Courtesy of LISA.

Space Technology 7 (ST7) will flight test the Disturbance Reduction System (DRS), system-level technology designed to demonstrate trajectory control and formation-flying spacecraft position control. DRS will feed into future missions, such as the joint European Space Agency and NASA Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) mission.

About the Technology:

The ST7 DRS consists of clusters of micronewton thrusters and controlling software residing on a dedicated computer. In concept with the European Space Agency's LISA Technology Package Inertial Sensor, DRS is based on the concept of a freely floating mass, shielded from nongravitational forces, onboard a host spacecraft.

Project Manager (past):

Phil Barela, Jet Propulsion Laboratory

LISA Pathfinder
ESA's LISA Pathfinder.

Major Contributors/Contractors:

  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory (management)
  • Goddard Space Flight Center (software)
  • Busek Company, Incorporated (micronewton thrusters)

Launch Date:

Currently planned for 2013

Launch Vehicle:

Rokot or Vega

Outreach Manager:

Nancy J. Leon, New Millennium Program, Jet Propulsion Laboratory


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